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Winter, 2002
  • The Kyojukaimon, part I
  • Seeing through the Buddha's eyes
  • Suffering
  • Letting go: dropping the crutches
  • Maitreya Bodhisattva
  • The teaching after the ceremony
  • Humanity
  • An exercise in understanding anger
  • Recipe: tofu pot pie
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Summer, 2004
  • Advice for times when we are pointed deeper in our training, Rev. Master Fuden Nessi
  • A fe reflections on the past year, and thoughts for the future. Rev. Master Haryo Young
  • Death and the four noble truths, Cate Lewis
  • Sometimes the difference between adequacy and inadequacy is a slight change in perspective, Rev. Renee Doak
  • The Great Wish, Rev. master mokugen Kublicki
  • Fit for purpose, William Grieve
  • The Lay Ministry, Rev. Master Mugo White
  • The Eighteen Arahants, Rev. Roland Watson
  • The Buddha uses everything, Rev. Alethea Waxman
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Winter, 2005
  • The training of Bodhisattva
  • Discomfort in training, Rev. Master Rokuzan Kroenke
  • making room for meditation, Melinda Artz
  • Female Buddhas: the equality of Buddha Nature, part 2. Rev. master Koten Benson
  • The Inner Compass, Emanuela Marchiori
  • Keeping it simple! Kevin Commons
  • Converting Anger, Rev Shiko Rom
  • Instructions for making simple and beautiful festival decorations from paper
  • Werecking a boat showed Rev. Lewyn Blake how holding on to our delusions can wreck our lives
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Winter, 2001
  • Internal work and external work
  • To lead is to serve: the training of a buddhist Abbot
  • Vespers, part I: the Litany of the Great Compassionate one
  • The dignity of suffering
  • Innumerable Meanings
  • Towels, toilet rolls and shoes
  • Fireball
  • On the practices of Samantabhadra Bodhisattva, Part II
  • On Hate
  • Recipe: Mushroom Roast
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Spring, 2003
  • The Kyojukaimon, Part II. Rev. Master Jiyu Kennett
  • Great master Bodhidharma: the two ways of training
  • To Singapore, malaysia and the World Fellowship of Buddhists Conference. Rev. Jisho Perry
  • Outlines, Jilie Sheard
  • Participants in a retreat for gay and lesbian trainees comment on their experience
  • Can gay and lesbian people train in buddhism? Rev. Daizui MacPhillamy
  • Reflections on walking the path, Rev. meiko Jones
  • time for Refletion: an address to the Scottish Parliament
  • Integrity, Rev. Peter Bonati
  • A day in the life of Rochdale Zen Retreat. Rev. Etsu Banks
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Summer, 2003
  • The Necessity of faith, Rev. Master Jiyu Kennett
  • In Memoriam: Rev. master Daizui MacPhillamy
  • An exploration of why ceasing to train is simply not an option
  • Making offerings, Rev. Kodo Kay
  • Independence Day, Rev. Alethea Waxman
  • Learning the way through body and mind, translated by Rev. hubert Nearman
  • Six sticks of Ri, Rev. Alicia Rowe
  • The wooden figure, Michael Perrott
  • The cloister spider, Rev. Serenea Seidner
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Summer, 2002
  • The Purpose of meditation
  • On the Meaning of being Buddhist
  • Discomfort in training
  • The path of faith
  • Some thoughts on Karma and trust
  • Photos from the throssel archives
  • Some thoughts on the rains of retreat
  • Training with 'problems'
  • Not trying to control the universe
  • YOU must make the effort
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Autumn, 2003
  • In Memoriam: Rev. Master Daizui MacPhillamy
  • What seems important now: Rev. Master Daizui MacPhillamy
  • Contemplation of the Love of the Eternal: Rev. master Koshin Schomberg
  • Eulogies: Rev. master hugh Gould, David Cowsky, Rev. master Eko Little
  • There is so much more: Rev. master Hugh Gold
  • Regoice! Rev. Wilfrid Powell
  • Sangha and selflessness: Rev. Master Hakuun Barnhard
  • Never give up: Rev. master Haryo Young
  • Dedications from the funeral ceremonies
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Spring, 2004
  • Benevolence: Rev. master Jiyu Kennett
  • Walking on alms round in Mt. Shasta, Rev. neil McGinn
  • Obituary for Rev. Mildred Laser
  • The Koan, The Jewel of enlightenment, Rev. Mildred Laser
  • Making banners for celebration
  • Temple in German Speaking europe
  • Engaged Buddhism
  • How Buddhism can help: coping with memories of childhood sexual abuse
  • A tidal wave on the waveless sea
  • Peace, Rev. Master Kinrei Bassis
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Winter, 2004
  • Look at what your mind is doing, Rev. Master Meian Elbert
  • S.S. Comfort zone, Sonny mann
  • Instructions to the chief cook, part I: Mindfulness. Rev. Master Daishin Yalon
  • Buddhism is not self improvement, Rev. Leon Kackman
  • Some thoughts on following the 10 precepts retreat
  • The three pure precepts: Rev. Alethea Waxman
  • The roots of conflict, Rev. Master Seikai Luebke
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Summer, 2001
  • Grace and training: an extract from a letter to a lay trainee
  • Finding my sitting place
  • Trust
  • Sukha: True Happiness
  • The spirtual discourses of the Mountains and the water
  • Choosing a path
  • Disarmament
  • Digging for water
  • The distance from Jukai
  • When my mother died
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Autumn, 2004
  • On beginning with the answer, Rev. Master Jiyu Kennett
  • The life of practice, Rev. master Daishin Morgan
  • When less is more, Anna Lucas
  • With the actual comes the ideal: rev. Master Jisho Perry
  • Definitions of faith in early Buddhist thought and writings, Rev. Berwyn Watson
  • Why does the truth seem to evad us? rev. Alina Burgess
  • Inhaling the self, Mike Lara
  • The Comfort Zone, Rev. Alicia Rowe
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Spring, 2001
  • Roar of the Tigress
  • A life of Training
  • The practices and vows of Samantabhadra
  • Lions Gate Buddhist priory special feature: 25 years, some thoughts on sexuality and training
  • Pilgrimage of homeless following
  • Two years of anger
  • Flowers from the sky
  • Learning something about acceptance in training
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